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Snap Hook D Shaped Flat Buckle Carabiner

  • High-Grade Material - Made from aircraft grade aluminum, these carabiner clips have long-lasting quality and durability that you'll love. These handy carabiners have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio that won't weigh you down or holdyou back.
  • Spring Snap Hook - Clip your carabiners with one quick flick! They're perfect to use for all your camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. Despite their small size, they're tough enough to pull their weight when the going gets rough.
  • Straight Gate Carabiner - The straight gate openings for these carabiners are robust, durable and easy to use. They're spring loaded, so they snap closed automatically once they latch on. That makes it a cinch to lock down all your important gear.
  • Large Carabiners - Take your important keys anywhere with you safe and secured. The 3.15-inch size can fit into your pockets or hook conveniently to your backpack or purse. Their large size makes them easy to clip and more versatile for everyday use.
  • Vibrant Flat Buckle - Choose from vibrant colors that add a pop of color to your day. The different colors also allow you to identify your items by the color of the carabiner. With these snap hook carabiners you can stay organized with ease. NOT FOR CLIMBING
  • Easy Snap

    You can easily slide the items you need to hold onto, they are very versatile that you can use them both indoor and outdoor.

  • Buckle-Down

    The D shape flat buckle snap hook carabiner is very convenient and multifunctional; the best thing about them is that they are lightweight, and you can take them anywhere.

  • Easy to Hook

    The D shape flat buckle snap hook carabiner is excellent for a wide range of uses, they are strong, tough and durable.